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Hearing Aids Don’t work…..

How many times have you heard people say this?

 Hearing aids don’t work…….

As a person who wears hearing aids, I can honestly say that YES, THEY DO.

 The questions that I ask these people who say they don’t work are:  Did you have a qualified hearing aid professional test your hearing first or did you purchase your aids online?    A hearing evaluation provided by a professional will provide them with the proper tools and information to specifically choose and program the correct hearing aid for your specific loss. They will thoroughly program it and then test it on your ears.  It may take a couple of tries to get it to your liking, but that’s what they do.  If you feel it is not picking up sounds, or there is too much feedback, etc., communicating with your hearing aid professional is crucial!   They want it to be just right for you and they are not able to read your mind!  Complaining, or not going back, will not help your situation.  Remember, a happy customer makes for future referrals, so they want you to be satisfied and happy!

I compare hearing aids to glasses.  You just don’t go in, put on a pair of glasses and expect to see.  You get tested and the Doctor prescribes the correct prescription for you.    However, unlike glasses, which once you have the proper prescription, you put on and can see just fine, hearing aids can make you hear but still can be affected by many factors, such as wind blowing, noisy background noise, etc.  A lot of the new digital hearing aids have programs built in that can adapt to your surroundings and block background noises, increase/decrease certain sounds, and so much more.   There are so many options available for you now too, including Bluetooth features along with mics, direct tv streaming, crystal clear phone calls and more!

To sum things up, hearing aids do work.  Especially when you purchase them from a professional like Jacki at Sonotone Hearing Aid Centers.  She has changed my life and her kindness and caring attitude makes her stand out from other hearing aid professionals that I have been to in the past. Thank you, Jacki.  Hearing Aids DO WORK!