Your Hearing is our #1 Priority

Sounds like?????

One of my problems is not understanding certain words……….So many times I have thought someone said one word and it turns out that it’s their rhyming cousin word they actually said. Without being able to hear subtle differences between consonants, words like “cat” and “hat,” “parrot” and “ferret” and “show” and “throw” can be hard to differentiate for me. This is why so many people with high frequency hearing losses have difficulty understanding certain words.

And when you have high frequency hearing loss, you may notice problems understanding speech even in a quiet environment, but when background noise is present or several people are talking at once, it can become nearly impossible to follow a conversation. It can be a nightmare that normal hearing people have no idea of. I find myself at times avoiding lively social situations or public places because interacting with others is too difficult.

When I get my hearing tests at Sonotone Hearing Aid Centers, the word recognition part is always the most embarrassing part for me. Luckily I am blessed to have an amazing woman (Jacki) do my testing and she has such empathy that my embarrassment goes away. I have had others do my testing in the past that totally made me feel like I had a disease or something.

I now have hearing aids that help with all my issues and background noises. The i-phone app makes hearing in noisy environments so much better, however, with my degree of hearing loss, it is still not all roses for me. The struggle is still real to a lesser degree. That is why I urge everyone who talks to me to please talk slower and move your lips!! IN addition, FACE ME PLEASE! So please find yourself a reputable hearing aid provider t(Sonotone Hearing Aid Centers are simply the BEST) that understands your needs and will treat you with the privacy and respect you deserve. Jacki has literally saved me from actually crawling in a hole and not coming out because of my hearing loss. AND remember folks…..hearing impaired people need you to talk slow and distinctly!!!!