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Where are my hearing aids?

Have you ever taken your hearing aids out only to look for them later and not be able to find them? You search and search, then suddenly your husband finds them exactly where you left them, which you obviously forgot. I have misplaced mine so many times.

My worst hearing aid lost story is no fault of mine. I take my aids out each night before bed. I open up the battery chamber and place them in my case, which then goes into my nightstand. Of course, when I take the aids out, I enter the "almost" deaf zone, hearing absolutely nothing until the next morning.

I woke up and I immediately go for my hearing aid container. I open it up and the aids are gone. My mind starts to wander with questions....did I put them in this case?? Did I leave them in the bathroom? I remain calm, knowing that I will find them in a minute or two. I check both places and they are not there. I enter panic mode....I go through my bedside stand drawer again. I dump the contents on the floor frantically going through every little thing that is in there. I even go to my closet, thinking I may have left them there. My mind is overflowing with thoughts like "I can't go to work today since I can't hear and I have a presentation to do....oh no!"

By this time, I am in full blown melt down mode, sobbing and crying. My husband, who believe it or not is still sleeping soundly, will have to be woken up so I can tell him my dilemma. I started poking his arm, sobbing as I do this. Of course, he jolts up and is scared to death that something is wrong. I blurt out that my hearing aids are gone and I can't find them and what am I going to do since I can't hear...and on and on. By this time, he's trying to re-assure me...."honey...honey." he says " I know where your hearing aids are"

You do? Apparently what happened was when I opened the battery door on my aids, one aid's battery was still connected. When I shut the case lid, the feedback from the aids made a loud squealing noise, which of course, I did not hear. But he did. So, since I was sound asleep and he did not know how to stop the squealing by simply opening the battery top a little more, he just buried the aids in his sock drawer and covered it with socks.

So now, I no longer fear losing my aids since I have the new digital aids that have location service features. And my husband now knows how to properly disconnect the battery from my aids.  Thank goodness for modern technology with hearing aids!